Novice Author Linda Pirrung has churned out her first two novels. The first was written and rewritten over a twenty year period for the fun of it, shoved into a drawer for years here and there. The second was written with time warp rapidity having had more time and a computer. They display her eclectic talent for writing dynamite psycho-drama and value-rich love tales for the ages.

   Linda’s first one, Cracked Hearts is a gripping psychological thriller, and love. Who knows what lurks in the minds of man, and why?
It’s a meaty in depth account of the role the mind plays in our lives.

   In this psychological thriller the residents of a neighborhood try to overcome the Dark Entities in their lives that threaten to steal their peace, joy and lives.

   A typical neighborhood in typical Suburbia battles the not so typical multitude of unique, intricate personalities, some terribly flawed and others quite the contrary, resulting in murder, love triangles and that heart-thumping, perfect soul mate kind of love that makes you want to take a better look at your life.

   The mind is the one private place where no one else can see or hear but dark forces can tamper with it.

   Some cracked hearts mend, some can’t. Every person who touches our lives leaves his or her mark on us one way or another.

   Can Stephanie, John, and Meg help Ron, Hayley and Dan conquer their inner demons? Who dies and why? Who did it? Do Zach and Blythe ever get together? Blythe who? Does love really conquer all?

   The incredible suspense keeps you expecting that inevitable other shoe to hit the floor. Just when you settle into a cozy love story, there’s that other shoe!

   Linda’s second book, I Will Wait for You, is a glorious love story with a bit of a mysterious twist. “This is my attempt to restore values, heart, integrity and respect, giving the readers a visual of what they may have been missing. This book could be incentive enough to revitalize.”

   Sidney Scofield and Alexandra Deveaux spent the first thirty years of their lives not feeling the necessity of being someone’s other half.

   That changed the moment they met. They knew.

   From Telluride, Colorado to Maryland to Ireland the magic prevailed.

   Death couldn’t stop them from being together. She waited for him….He waited for her.

   “Matt and Misha would be sad when they arrived but if they only knew the beauty of it.”

   “Life doesn’t have to be miserable,” Linda says. “I wanted to write a book that helps to restore the true goodness in human kind. We have lost sight of values, respect, real love and integrity. I feel that we should stop and think what society has come to in the search for the almighty titillation. I wanted to write something beautiful and touching that when the readers are finished reading it they’ll want to read it again because of the way it made them feel.”

   “I love to write. I love words. I’ve always preferred writing my intensely passionate feelings over all forms of oral communication. I’m not one who enjoys idle chit-chat. I’d rather be writing, doing research on my latest project or creating in some manner.”

   “The world has become so callous and vulgar that I prefer staying in my own little world where I feel safe and secure.”

   Linda and her husband of thirty-five years raised their three children in Howard County, Maryland.

   Both books are now available online at all of your favorite sites and in bookstores near you.