I’m 59 years old. I’ve lived a long time. A certain amount of wisdom comes with age and experience. To listen to weathered seniors should be a treat to all of us; the older the better. With age comes mellowing and understanding and we find that all those issues we had when we were young seem insignificant to us now and we see life through more forgiving eyes.

Writing is one engrossing passion that keeps me excited about life and kicks hum drum out of my vocabulary. Another of my passions is analyzing the gears that drive people. Reading beautifully written books makes me feel enlightened and causes my heart to soar. They add spice to educate my palette in the ever-changing recipe of life and inspire me to want to do my part to create new flavors to be enjoyed.

Being a baby boomer, I qualify for the unified age group wherein we women revisit our search for adventure and change, since our children are out of our loving nests, that next to impossible job well done. We have more opportunities to read, to travel, to take up where we left off in our hobbies and passions. We wonder, looking back, if we’d have done something differently, taken a different road, where that path might have led us…

Having put aside my desire to become a French Interpreter, I married in 1971. My husband and I lived in Wheaton, Maryland. Three years later, my contractor husband built our home in Howard County, Maryland where we chose to start our family. All these years later our three blessings have grown with the birth of our two precious Grand-Angels, who are now 11 and 8 years old. We have never regretted our move to the country for a single moment.

Over the years, between family needs, I managed to write the rough draft via long hand, and later typed the manuscript of Cracked Hearts on a borrowed portable typewriter. I ended up editing, rewriting, adding chapters and retyping it yet two more times. I used an electric typewriter this time. For the final time and through many revisions I used an old computer; one that had been given to me by my daughter, who forced me to learn how to use it, whether I liked it or not. I whipped my lengthy narrative into manuscript format constantly referring to my WRITER’S DIGEST. Even if it never got published, it fulfilled that spot in my restless need to accomplish something to be valued!

Coincidental to all my writing and typing, I started my portrait studio business, Focus on Elegance by Linda, from my home as soon as my third baby started kindergarten….Then there was my doll art business, Galerie des Enfants, again managed from home, around family…..Babysitting my precious Grand-Angels 12 to 14 hours a day, 3 to 5 days a week happily consumed me for six years. …. But my greatest entrepreneurial adventure ensued when I invested in a villa / studio and personal retreat which I decorated to the nines in European classic splendor.

I designed my personal utopia, a specialized, peaceful atmosphere and sanctuary for my multi-faceted creativity. I research, shop, and choose fabrics, rugs, fabulous art, and accessories to pull my clients’ home décor dreams together. As a photographer I have the power to turn a perfect treasured moment into a timeless masterpiece worthy of painting. I love graphite. My pencil art has been printed and sold in limited editions.

People will promise you the moon, offer you the stars, but in the end, the only heavenly body you can really count on is your own.

Having published my two books, CRACKED HEARTS and I WILL WAIT FOR YOU, I’m enjoying the launch of my new creation, EXPLOSION IN PARIS.

We're all searching for the Fairy Tale. When it doesn't come, we try to create it. We all want to love and be loved. We all do the best we can and we need to respect that in others and give the other guy some slack. Writing down my thoughts helps me sort out my feelings and organize my plan of attack. Trying to understand why people are the way they are aids in finding ways to help them and I express it through my writing. Passion comes in many forms even as simple as this……. We wish that we could be as wonderful as we want to be. But after all, we are only human!