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The story of one woman’s determination to better her life because she has finally found the man of her dreams! By refusing to accept her husband's death sentence assessment of her soul, Angela Briann Scott is challenging herself to reach beyond her limits. This is especially true since her accidental meeting with the devastatingly handsome Ross Leigh Stafford. He's a man of high principles, irreproachable character, unsinkable spirit, and unwavering compassion, all the qualities that her husband, Mitch, is seriously lacking.

Angie’s adopted country of France glows with charm and beauty through her eyes. By reinventing herself to save her life, she discovers her true essence and she develops a strong sense of self-worth. Her impressive success and enduring strength tell a story that will keep readers engrossed to the very end!

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I Will Wait for You
The term soul-mate couldn't be more appropriate considering that we had to actually "cross over" before we could be together.

Sidney Scofield and Alexandra Deveaux spent the first thirty years of their lives not feeling the necessity of being someone's other half. That changed dramatically the moment they met - they knew! From Colorado to Maryland to Ireland - the magic prevailed. Not even death could stop them from being together.

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Cracked Hearts
Stephanie had just dozed off when suddenly, there was a break in the silence. She woke momentarily. Her eyes popped open and moved from one side to the other as if attempting to see where the noise was but her body was too weak from sleep to do more than that. While asleep on her back, the sensation of lips on hers brought her slowly back to consciousness. Still in a dreamy twilight, she wasn't sure if it was a dream or Ron trying to arouse her. Eyes still closed, Stephanie smiled, brought her arms up and dreamily wrapped them around her dream-lovers neck. "Hunh?" Steph's breath drew inward in a sudden gasp. She bolted straight upright from her bed, her eyes round as silver dollars. The sudden realization that Ron didn't have long hair brought her to an immediate state of panic. A hand covered her mouth to muffle her scream. Sweat beads broke out on her forehead and her face was blood red from trying to scream against a barrier.

The incredible suspense keeps you expecting that inevitable other shoe to hit the floor. Just when you settle into a cozy love story, there’s that other shoe!

Reviews...Cracked Hearts

It isn't who you think it is!
Sandra Mullinix - Towson, MD

"The suspenseful plot kept me on the edge of my seat... I wasn't able to put the book down! With every turn of the page I thought I knew for sure who the killer was, but I was wrong every time... it was a mystery until the end. The vivid descriptions made me feel as if I were Steph, trapped in fear, desperate for love, yearning for appreciation. An incredible mix of mystery, suspense and romance... I highly recommend!"

I LOVE this book!
Barb, Iowa

"Linda...........................I LOVE this book. I'm at the part where Steph is in the hospital after giving childbirth. I'm so impressed with the flow and sentence structure. My heart is just aching for Steph, I couldn't stop thinking about her last night when I went to bed. Now.............that says quite a bit about a book too, that the reader is still thinking about the characters when not reading, and can't wait to pick the book back up to continue reading. You just have NO idea how much this book has touched my heart."

"Oh my gosh, I just finished the book. Whew, what an ending, I was on the edge of my chair. I really love this book. I love mysteries and thrillers, but this was EVERYTHING. Keep up the good work. The heck with a book that deals with self-help, keep these kinds of stories coming!"

"I absolutely LOVED Cracked Hearts. I want MORE, MORE, MORE like that from you. You really show cased your talents and your abilities."

What a thrill!
Judy, Maryland

"Yikes! Sat on the edge of my seat all the way through! Lots of wonderful and crazy characters all kept me wondering who the killer was; didn't know till the end! Lots of suspense and mystery. If you like your hair to stand on end this is the book for you. Great read!"

Who's in your life?

"This book makes you wonder if the people in your life are the ones you really want in your life. This is terrifying, suspenseful, and mind-grabbing. Wonderful and crazy characters terrific moments and excruciating moments all to add to the mystery are believable, but not predictable. This is definitely a page turner. The suspense is incredible."

Reviews...I will Wait For You

A Perfect Mate: Women, He's Really Out There !!!
Emily Angelou - Baltimore, MD

"Alexandra Deveaux is a connoisseur of beauty and quality in every aspect of her life from art to love... She seeks validity of her own values - peace, sensuality beyond description, connections at the deepest human levels, and shared life pursuits in the man she will love for eternity... and will settle for no less. Her road to her beloved Sid will both pierce the heart and bathe in glorious hope the reader who seeks her own such journey....."

Paula - Maryland

"This is just the most beautiful love story. I love the characters and what they stand for. There is so much value in the characters and the story that every page I turned I was a part of their inspiring world and I felt almost euphoric. I was dreaming the most beautiful dream that I didn't want to wake up from. I wanted to be Alexandra and experience her sensuality and her love of life, beauty, quality, art, and Sid.

One quote sticks in my mind that I totally related to, 'I've found in you how terribly important it is to me that I'm completely known and understood.' That is so profound! Something that should be at the core of every relationship, that we all feel but never put into words is pushed aside because we're all too afraid to demand too much for ourselves. Connections, values, dignity, integrity, peace, validity, desire, inspiration, informative, are words that come to mind. The settings were painted so beautifully by the author's words that I had no trouble getting a full visual, as if this was a movie I was watching and the background places were very interesting and really added to the romance. This is a book I will read again and again. It's a great read!"

Super Enlightening!

"This was a very encouraging and enlightening book. It restored my faith in human nature and touched my heart in places that I thought didn't exist. I've always been fascinated by the spiritual realm and this story served to enlighten me enough to make me feel a heightened sense of well being and hope for what ever the future may bring.

The superb love story goes to show you that waiting for the person who really knows your heart and soul is well worth the wait. Besides the indescribable euphoric feelings I felt while reading, it was very well written, sophisticated and informative. I feel now as if I'd actually visited Ireland and Colorado and at some point understood the French language. Fabulous read! It's staying on my shelf for when I need a pick-me-up!"

Made me cry but with joyful tears!
Marianne, Maryland

"I loved the idea that a man could grieve and love ONE woman that much. So wonderful for a man to have values and heart. BEAUTIFUL LOVE STORY. LOVED IT!"